Friday, July 9, 2010

Welcome to Oregon!

We just crossed the border from Cali to Oregon and I am ready for this new state. We were in California over a week, the longest of our stays.

After San Francisco we continued to Napa with a short stop in Berkeley. We drove through campus via multiple bike paths (oops, again) and then continued to our Petaluma KOA. Napa did not disappoint as the sun shone (still cool) and rolling hills covered with vineyards greeted us. The median overflowed with flowering bushes and our KOA came equipped with a petting zoo that housed miniature ponies. We visited two vineyards, and Chandon was my favorite. We drove beside the vineyard, and then walked over a wooden bridge through the park to get to the tasting room. Kt joined the wine club which meant we received two free champagne tastings (sparkling wine since we aren't in France) and a massive discount. Let's just say the champagne was not too shabby and we left with our fair share.

From Chandon we headed North to Crescent City where we spent the next two nights. We arrived with just enough daylight left to set up our tent and bundle up before dinner and bed. Our campsite was surrounded by Redwoods and the most wooded of our sites yet. Of course, there were also massive bear warnings as one had been recently spotted. I almost slept with my bear whistle, but I was a little concerned about strangulation from the string. Instead, I slept with 2 pairs of pants, socks, 2 shirts, a hooded sweatshirt and a scarf, then wrapped myself in a blanket before crawling into my thermal sleeping bag. Thankfully, the sun came out the next morning and after a quick breakfast at The Good Harvest and gathering a few provisions we headed excitedly off to hike the Boy Scout Trail. Except, it was closed for maintenance. We opted instead for the Hiouchi Trail and hiked to Stout Memorial Grove alongside the Jedidiah Smith River. It was a beautiful hike to the biggest trees I've ever seen, complete with ferny undergrowth, speckled sunlight, and gurgling creeks. Once back at camp, we conjured some massive flames to stay warm and roasted 'mallows with our hot chocolate, before layering up for the night.

We headed out early this morning, northward to Portland then Seattle where we will stay with my good friend Nicole. I'm very excited to see both!

Almost as soon as we passed the border the temperature went from 51 to 74. The sun is shining, and I'm only wearing one shirt....

Oregon, I think we'll get along fine.

Pictures will be posted soon with a better connection.

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