Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kt Strikes Again

Kt hunting wildlife hoping for a photo opportunity on our way into Yellowstone
(she sat like this for about an hour and a half).

As I've mentioned before, it's nice to be traveling with Kt to share perspectives, thoughts and opinions about the places we've been. Once again, Kt took a moment to reflect on our trip thus far and here is how she sees it:

Painted Pot in Yellowstone

California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Wyoming again, and South Dakota…. When I’m cringing at my credit card statements this month I will be doing it with a smile on my face. It’ll look weird. Worth it.

Four weeks ago Emily and I were sleepily checking into our New Orleans hotel, the first of our stops on this journey we’ve been enjoying so much. It seems so long ago I was drooling over my first sight of the Mississippi and now I, after taking a full loop around the contiguous United States, we are not far from the mouth of Ole Miss. It is pretty surreal.

The Red Floor in Seattle's Public Library

Now I write this from yet another hotel room, this one unplanned. The Lord has blessed us with a safe trip (regardless of crazy Mount Rushmore drivers trying to run us off the road) and agreeable weather… until today. The hurricane-like winds that nearly destroyed my father’s tent (whoops) didn’t quite ruin our night, but it did change the pace a bit. After a little recon, we decided to retreat to a lovely 1980’s style room in the Budget Motel. We did get to see a bit of the unique and bizarre Badlands of South Dakota before calling it a day.

The Badlands

Two weeks ago we were living the high life (literally) at the Mark Hopkins Intercontinental in San Francisco. It was on the Top of the Mark, a point where two roads intersect on top of a very windy hill with a stunning view of the city. California was not quite what I expected (mostly the chilly to cold to very cold weather as we ascended up the coast) but the desert, the visit with Tommy (thanks again!), the Haight (yessssss), the wine and the redwoods were well worth the hit it took on my wallet.

Yellowstone by sunset

Last week we were kicking Nicole out of her bed a fourth and final time in beautiful Seattle. I cannot express in words how much I enjoyed that city and the company it provided. The Pike’s Place Market was reason enough to love the city. It was a fabulous mix of fresh everything (from flowers to seafood to vendors, HEY-O!), funky street music, and life-loving crowds… I’ll take two of each, please! After a lengthy stay in Seattle, I give it two thumbs up and cordially ask Nicole when I may intrude on her again.

Yellowstone was big, cold, and beautiful. Much to my dismay I only saw one bison, but it certainly quenched my appetite (if only for a day or two) of buffalo-viewing and made me text 30 people “I JUST SAW A BISON!!!!” I hope to see more tomorrow at Custer. Denver was also a long visit (props to Christina and Dave for keeping it real and letting us commandeer their living room for almost a fortnight) and a much appreciated one. It was perfect seeing multiple friends (great times Andrea, Brian, Jeff, and Tim!) and meeting new ones. The city is beautiful and it’s surroundings are icing on the cake (multiple 14ers (one we hiked), beautiful Boulder, and of course, the Rockies (that John Denver’s full of ****, man!))! Woah, punctuation mark overload.

That about brings us up to date. (Oh, Joshua Tree was brief but smashing. I shall return one day.) Tomorrow we scour Custer for bison and beauty and then we’ll cruise back into central time for a night before making it back to the east coast for a little train tour to Philly, New York, and D.C. The journey continues…

our drive through the Badlands

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  1. Pictures are killer! Can I suggest a slideshow/storytelling night upon your return and rest? Lil wine, friends, & lots of your stories :) Im sure Im not the only one who's excited to hear MANY more details of it all.