Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pictures are worth a thousand words.

I've been having so much fun in Seattle that blogging has been semi-far from my mind. We are staying in the Capital Hill neighborhood and filling ourselves with coffee and the sights this city has to offer. We are here until Tuesday morning and then leave for Yellowstone. Tomorrow we're hoping to tour Theo's Chocolate Factory, visit the library, attend a cupping at Stumptown and get an oh so glamorous oil change. As promised here are a few pictures until I update more thoroughly.


Vineyards alongside the road

Champagne tasting in Chandon

The Redwoods:

Jedidah Smith River which we hiked along

Big old trees along our hike

That's Kt on the path. It's all about perspective.

A fallen Redwood along our hiking path.

Enjoying a Ranger beer back at our camp site. Also wearing a hoodie, coat, and scarf.

Reading a little Ferlinghetti by the fire.

We stopped for lunch at Deschutes Brewery and then saw Everett Station. Made me miss Everett just a bit.


Pike's Place Market.

Fresh fruit abounds....

...and flowers.

A little music in front of the original Starbucks.

A view from our lunch stop on the roof.

After lunch we walked over to the SAM Sculpture Garden that looks over the water and watched the cruise ships leave.

View of the Needle from the garden.

Skyline from the water tower in Volunteer Park.


  1. I cannot believe how amazing our journey has been. And I cannot believe how much we still get to do...

  2. I cannot believe the size of that fallen Redwood! How awesome! aaand scary